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The Team

Finn Zeumer


My job as Team Manager is to supervise the team and make sure that everyone completes his tasks punctually and in good quality. I stay in touch with most of the sponsors and ensure that Christoph receives the information he needs for the financial plan.

Jeremy Simon


Finding and contacting possible sponsors is my main task. It is also my responsibility to create a well-structured timetable. I often work together with Fiona, so our social media-appearance and our marketing concept are in perfect sync.

Finn Michaelis


As one of our team’s two constructors, it is my main task to take care of the weight of our car and to make sure that it is manufacturable and stable. I also do the theoretical calculations.

Christoph Goers


It is my job to organize the production of the car, which means that I look at different manufacturing methods and supervise the assembly of the individual parts. Furthermore, I create our basic financial plan.

Nikola Miladinović


Together with Finn M. I oversee the car’s construction and the prototypes, which we test before creating our final racing car. I mostly concentrate on the aerodynamical qualities, for which I use the virtual wind tunnel FloEFD from SolidEdge.

The Competition

Formula 1 in Schools is an international competition, in which more than 50 countries participate. Germany is one of them. The main goal is to construct a miniature racing car by using CAD software, which is then built with modern manufacturing methods like Multi Jet Fusion. A professional painting is also necessary. The racing time of the car is one of the most important parts – it determines 1/5 of the points. The race itself takes place on a 20-metre racing track. The cars are driven with a CO2 cartridge and gain speed up to 20 metres per second. Nearly half of the maximum points are made up by the production and the race of the cars. So, where can you get the rest of the points? Besides the car the team has several other tasks: One of them is to create two portfolios with eight pages each. The first one is called “Portfolio Technic”. Here, information about the car itself, the construction and the testing are written down. The second portfolio is the “Portfolio Enterprise”, which is about the team’s project management and the marketing concept. In addition, the partners and sponsors are noted. Furthermore, the team has to hold an eight-minute presentation on the competition day, in which they present the team roles, their logo and the design. At last, each team needs to build their own pit display to represent their sponsors on the competition day.

Our Successes

In the season 2020/21 the current team consisted of two different teams, therefore we listed both of them here. 

Hamburg Championship 2022

1st Place

and therefore qualified for the German Championship 2022

Fastest Racing Car

at the Hamburg Championship

Best Engineering

of the car

Best Presentation

at the Hamburg Championship

Hamburg Championship 2021

3rd Place

and the 4th Place as team G-Falc

2nd fastest Racing Car

0.005 seconds slower (Team G-Falc)

Best Manufacturing Quality

of the car

Best Design

of the pit display

Our Racing Car

Team Cardiem

Our Sponsors

Medocino is our sponsor!

The Medocino Hamburg GmbH is a IT-company that focusses on electronic data processing. Every company needing more digital organisation should take a look at Medocino. Next to the domain, we also receive financial support!


"Canva-Pro" Lizenzen

Canva ist ein tolles, sehr einfach zu bedienendes Designprogramm, mit dem man sowohl Bildbearbeitung, kreative eigene Social Media-Posts, private Einladungen, Visitenkarten und vieles mehr designen kann. Ein sehr großer Teil des Programms ist kostenlos und für jeden zugreifbar! Canva unterstüt uns mit „Pro-Lizenzen“.

Stiftung neue Mobilität

Finances and External Representation

The Stiftung neue Mobilität (Foundation new Mobility) is supporting projects carrying out research about new mobilities and projects solving problems concerning movement. In addition, were are financially supported!


Ball Bearings

Myonic is a company concentrating on miniature ball bearings. We received our high-precision ball bearings from Myonic!


off to live


Our whole merchandise is produced by off to live! For us, high quality was important, so we will be able to use the clothing sustainably!



Financial Sponsoring

Amendos is one of the largest German companies concentrating on IT-management.

Newspaper Article
Portfolio Printing

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